Bentleigh: Major swing to Labor in Bentleigh


Photo by Sally Cooper

Bentleigh voters opted to stick with Labor.

Labor MP Nick Staikos retained his seat in Bentleigh, with a crushing victory over Liberal candidate Asher Judah.

First preference results saw Mr Staikos’ take 51.4 per cent of votes, while Mr Judah only reached 32.9 per cent. After this there was not much hope for the Liberal candidate in the two-party preference count, where Mr Satikos increased his votes to 62.6 per cent.

The historically marginal seat had never been won with such a large margin in the past.

The 32-year-old Labor MP made history in Bentleigh with a +11.8 per cent swing in favour of the Australian Labor Party.

On election day, the two candidates faced each other at the voting centre at St John Anglican Church.

The atmosphere was calm and attendance low, as many voters had already expressed their preferences via early voting.

However, every vote counted for this highly contested key seat, and Mr Staikos and Mr Judah tried their best until the very end to gain voters’ trust.

In an interview with UniPollWatch, both candidates seemed hopeful and extremely confident of winning.

However, Mr Judah’s focus on security and crime did not resonate with the constituency.

Instead, voters opted for Mr Sraikos’ promised investments in infrastructure and schools, the highlights of his campaign.

Bentleigh joined the wave that led to Labor’s landslide victory giving the Andrews’ government a second term.