An interactive look at key seats in SE Qld


The campaign is underway in Fisher. Image from:

With the election countdown clock now ticking, students at the University of Sunshine Coast have created dazzling array of engaging interactive to help you clue up on key electorates, issues and people in South East Queensland.

Spending in Fisher

Where has government spending occurred in the seat of Fisher? Reporter Mathew Channer provides an overview of many of the largest projects undertaken or completed in Fisher since Andrew Wallace won the seat in the 2016.

Major Projects and Funding in Fisher since the 2016 Federal Election (non-exhaustive)

Government grants in Fisher and Fairfax 2020-2022

Reporter Verena Power examines where money has gone in Fisher and parts of Fairfax.

<Distribution of grants in the Fisher electorate>

The career of Llew O’Brien

Llew O’Brien has been the member for Wide Bay for the past two terms. reporter Sarah Assink looks at some key points in O’Brien’s career.

Candidates for Fairfax

Who is running in the seat of Fairfax? Reporter Ciaran Nix examines the contenders.


The history of Wide Bay

Wide Bay has a long history as a seat, going back to 1901. Reporter Louise Nilsson highlights the electorate’s MPs


How has Terry Young voted?

Terry Young is chasing re-election in the seat of Longman. Reporter Kinta Walsh-Cotton examines some of his key votes in Parliament.

Scott Morrison’s milestones

At a national level, reporter Claudia Thorp provides some key events of Scott Morrison’s time as Prime Minister.

Timeline of the Religious Discrimination Bill

Safety and security of LGBTQ+ individuals within Australia’s legal and political system has been an issue over this term of Parliament.

Jett Hanna reports on the heavily debated Religious Discrimination Bill.