Frankston – Liberals: Michael Lamb


Michael Lamb (Liberal)

Michael Lamb is a former policeman with over thirty years on the beat, and is now running for Victoria’s most marginal seat, Frankston.

Mr Lamb has been open about his battle with PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder), which came about as a result of a gruelling career in the force. He is now a active in supporting current and former police officers struggling with mental health issues.

In his career he worked at the mounted branch; as a dog handler; surveillance; and on organised crime, particularly outlaw motorbike gangs. He was stationed in the Frankston district from 2009.

His priorities are:

  • Advocating for community safety as, he says, crime rates continue to rise under the current government.
  • Taking a stand against over-development, protecting Frankston’s local amenity and the liveability.

Serving as a policeman he has been forbidden from criticising the present government on that (or any other) issue, however he says it seems with what is likely to be a fairly dirty election, anything is possible from all parties.